Welcome To The Old Hall Clinic The UK’s longest established multidisciplinary clinic Our aim is simply to produce results in the quickest time with the highest level of patient satisfaction Our Services Specialist Practitioners Include Osteopathy (Cranial & Structural), Physiotherapy, Chinese & Western Medicine Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Sports & Remedial Massage, Hypnotherapy, Audiology and Hair Loss The Team Healing the Healthy Way! Please feel free to telephone one of our experienced and friendly receptionist team who have 40 years experience. Tell them your individual needs and they will recommend the appropriate clinician for you. Contact Us Now

Old Hall Clinic

A wealth of professional experience and clinical services, for a variety of conditions.


Childrens Clinic

Expert advice and clinical services for your infant and child, including Cranial Osteopathy.


Designed specifically to help reduce the potential risk of flat head syndrome.



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Philip Owen. D.O., B.Sc. (Hons)

Paediatric, Cranial & SportsOsteopath

The Old Hall Clinic is a multi-disciplinary treatment clinic based in Gatley, South Manchester. It provides a range of treatments, including osteopathy, cranial osteopathy, sports osteopathy and paediatric osteopathy, which help the body maintain and repair itself from life’s stresses and strains.

The Clinic was founded by Philip Owen D.O., B.Sc.(Hons), a highly experienced and renowned osteopath, also a specialist paediatric cranial osteopath. Philip Owen is also the Inventor of the ‘SleepCurve’ range of infant mattress products for the effective treatment and prevention of flat head syndrome.

SleepCurve now at the Old Hall Clinic

The SleepCurve Baby Mattress is now available to purchase both online (https://SleepCurve.com) and from the Old Hall Clinic directly.

SleepCurve is the World’s Leading Baby Mattress for the PREVENTION and TREATMENT of Flat Head Syndrome.

Clinically Proven in trials at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, the SleepCurve Mattress is designed for the wellbeing and perfect development of your baby.



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For further information about the Old Hall Clinic or any of our services, please contact us.

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Protocol at The Old Hall Clinic for COVID 19

Further to recent communication received from The Institute of Osteopathy, The Old Hall Clinic protocol is as follows:
  1. The Clinic will remain open for Osteopathic consultations if necessary. Patients are being advised to delay treatment if they feel the treatment is able to wait. This advice also applies to patients who are in the vulnerable group as well as those with vulnerable family members.
  2. Patients feeling unwell are asked not to attend the clinic. A triage service will be in operation over the phone when booking appointments. If anyone appears unwell the clinic has a right to refuse treatment and admission.
  3. Not all the osteopathic practitioners will be available for consultation as they have their own circumstances to take into consideration.
  4. The clinic staff will ensure every aspect of hygiene and sanitisation is upheld for your peace of mind and, of course, safety. We will adhere to the distance rules between patients and receptionists in addition to repeated hand and surface sanitisation. Masks will be worn by osteopaths and clean disposable paper towels are employed on the treatment tables. Patients will be asked to wash their hands on entering the premises as well as when leaving after their treatment.
  5. If the telephone is unattended on the main reception desk please feel free to phone the following number 07487 268206.
The service provided by osteopaths is being seen as an essential part of the community, helping people to stay healthy in addition to helping reduce the burden on the NHS, GP practices and MSK services. As a result osteopaths are being seen as essential health workers.
Wishing you to stay heathy and well,
Philip Owen D.O.,
The Old Hall Clinic principal.