Welcome to the Children’s Clinic

The Children’s Clinic is a professional practice dedicated to providing specialist paediatric treatment for everyday problems experienced in children.

We combine the skills of a dedicated team of highly trained professionals to focus our attention on the treatment of these problems. Medics and complimentary therapists work together to treat the ‘whole child’, and so bridge the gap between orthodox and complimentary medicine.

We strive to ascertain the underlying cause of disease / discomfort / behaviour or learning problems and work with the body’s natural healing processes, so that each one of our children’s potential for health, learning and coordination is achieved.

How the Children’s Clinic can help your Child

We realise that the decision to have your child treated with complimentary medicine is one step, but deciding which therapy to choose is a far more difficult step.

We appreciate this difficulty, and for this reason we work as a team, using our specialist knowledge and experience, to consider case histories together and decide between us on a suitable treatment plan for your child.

Some of the conditions experienced by children and the specialist medical and complementary therapy treatments available at the Children’s Clinic include:

  • Cranial Osteopathy
  • Homeopathy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine

The success of treatment depends upon the correct choice of treatment. The correct choice of treatment relies on being given the information and knowledge with which to base the decision. This is why at the Children’s Clinic we aim to provide you with the knowledge, advice and expertise to help you decide which treatment your child should receive.

Paediatric Osteopathy by Philip Owen

“It is my firm belief that whilst it is often not detrimental for babies to have a cry, babies should not be unhappy or in pain.
The wonderful thing about placing the hands of an experienced paediatric cranial osteopath is that one is able to feel the subtle tensions or blockages that are often causing the baby discomfort. Such tensions or increased resistances cannot be seen on x-ray, do not show up in blood tests and are not detected by the untrained hand.”

We all too often hear that if we cannot find a reason or cause for something then that condition must not exist!  So many families become disrupted due to unhappy babies not being able to sleep, aiding in increased tiredness and frustration.

Some of the major signs that a baby may be exhibiting a degree of distress may include:

  • Lack of sleep longevity (at six weeks old a baby should be sleeping long hour blocks)
  • Discomfort on feeding
  • Inability to rotate the head equally to both sides
  • Long periods between dirty nappies.
  • Head shape problems (flat head syndrome)

Philip Owen is considered to be a leading expert in the field of paediatric cranial osteopathy.  He has recently completed a piece of research at Manchester University in efficacy and effectiveness of the treatment of cranial osteopathy for babies with sleep problems. The results of this showed many babies had considerable improved sleep patterns following cranial osteopathic treatment.

Since the successful ‘Back to sleep’ campaign was introduced by the Government in the mid 1990’s the incidence of ‘cot death’ has dramatically reduced however, as a result of babies being placed on their backs to sleep where the weight of the head is on the soft part of the skull the unexpected consequence was one of widespread alteration in head shape in babies less than a year old. According to leading authorities the incidence of head shape asymmetry is up to 50% of all babies under the age of one year old to varying degrees.

Philip Owen also completed clinical trials at Alder Hey Hospital with a new type of mattress (SleepCurve Mattress), which he invented and launched, to help prevent babies developing flat head syndrome and torticollis. The results from this trial indicate that babies when put to sleep on a SleepCurve Mattress not only do not develop flat head syndrome but also will allow self-correct in babies with head shape problems.

Philip Owen has developed a protocol that has found to be helpful to fellow osteopath colleagues and patients all over the world, it combines hints for treatment for osteopaths as well as do’s and don’ts for worried parents with babies with head shape problems. Philip Owen has also recently designed a new baby car seat that has been accepted and licensed to leading car seat manufactures.


Your First Visit to the Clinic

On your first visit to the Children’s Clinic the practitioner you have chosen to make the initial assessment, will take a full medical history of your child.

This is the time for you to discuss in detail the problems your child is experiencing. At this point you can either have your child present during the discussion or we can provide books and toys to keep your child occupied, whilst you discuss the problem alone without your child present. We will always do our utmost to make the visit with your child as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Once your child begins treatment with us, the case will be reviewed regularly at each visit and the progress of your child observed. If necessary, the treatment plan can be amended depending on your child’s response to the treatment provided.

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