William Billing

Hypnotherapy / Life Coaching

Prior to training as a therapist and coach, William spent ten years as a qualified mechanical engineer in several leading companies: Michelin, Shell-Mex and Cable & Wireless. Then came a career change as an estate agent and property developer. This culminated in a seat on the board of three successful companies.

After fifteen enjoyable years came a transition to Life Coaching & Therapy after qualifying in Advanced Eriksonian Hypnotherapy and as a master Practitioner NLP. Since then, William has enjoyed a wide range of coaching experiences and helped many hundreds of lovely people to instigate successful changes to either their existing careers, their relationships or personal issues.

You will want a person with proven track record and professional qualifications. Someone you will feel comfortable confiding in and working with towards long-lasting solutions and a mutually satisfactory outcome. Your issues may be personal; family orientated or involves workplace problems.

Over the past twenty years William has helped hundreds of people to overcome a wide range of personal issues and coached at many levels: junior, middle and senior management, sole proprietors, small and medium enterprises and members of large corporations.


Dr. Stephen Whiteson

Hair Loss Consultant

Dr Stephen Whiteson qualified at Nottingham University Medical School, following which he had 6 years’ post-graduate clinical experience in Hospitals in the UK and abroad.

He set up his Hair Loss Consultancy in 2003. He has appeared on BBC Watchdog as an Expert Witness regarding hair loss treatments. He has also been featured in the Daily Express Health Section, when he was challenged to treat a patient with hair loss, with medication-based treatment, (no surgery), and the results were so dramatic that the Daily Express felt compelled to write about the treatment very favourably.

Testosterone is converted to DihydroTestosterone (DHT) by an enzyme called 5alpha reductase, and DHT causes Benign Prostate Enlargement and Male Pattern Hair Loss. 5alpha reductase exists in two forms: Type 1 and Type 2.  Propecia is a prescription-only medicine for Male Pattern Hair Loss, and it blocks 5alpha reductase Type 2: results are 32% of patients get visibly more hair, 90% are stable (from where they started) at 2years, and 65% are stable at 5years. Dr Whiteson works with Dr Hugh Rushton, who has published extensively in reputable medical journals about hair loss, and uses a Bespoke lotion, made by Dr Rushton, that is a Topical Anti-androgen, (which blocks male hormones in the scalp), which functions as a 5alpha reductase Type 1 blocker, resulting in 90% of patients getting van average of 40% more hair.

In January 2005, Propecia was banned in Professional Sportsmen by the World Anti-Doping Authority, (WADA), as a Masking Agent, but around that time Dr Whiteson had a Premier League footballer come to him for hair loss treatment, and Dr Whiteson felt it was an infringement of Human Rights that Professional Sportsmen should not be allowed Propecia, the most effective (generally available) treatment for hair loss, so together Dr Whiteson and Dr Rushton took on WADA and won, resulting in Propecia being reinstated in January 2009. (They showed WADA, (by using a blood test), a method to separate out sportsmen taking Propecia alone, from sportsmen taking Propecia + Anabolic Steroids).


Dr. Rangan Chatarjee

General Practitioner / Holistic Medicine / Prescriptive Lifestyle Medicine

NHS GP | Healthy eating advocate | Expert Generalist
As featured on @BBCOne show DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE
Regular expert on @BBCBreakfast sofa
Have studied Immunology, Nutrition, Movement Science and Functional Medicine to expand my toolbox to better help my patients.

“Lifestyle and Nutrition is the bedrock upon which all treatment for chronic disease should be founded”

I’ve worked as a doctor for 16 years and I’m taking a stand. The way we practise medicine is wrong….well, half wrong at least! It all started when I began to realise that I was genuinely only helping about 20% of my patients in my busy GP surgery.

Then, when my six-month-old son became ill from a preventable vitamin deficiency something snapped. I had to find a whole new way, not just of taking care of my family and my patients, but to get to the bottom of what MAKES us ill and KEEPS us healthy.

I want to share what I’ve learned, so that you can take back control of your own health.


Lily Prestwood

Posture and Massage Therapist

Lily is a trainee Osteopath in her fourth year of studies. She focuses on working collaboratively with her patients in order to allow the body to restore its health whilst ensuring this change can be sustained. This is achieved through a bespoke combination of posture work, soft tissue mobilisation, joint articulation and exercise plans.

Lily qualified as a sports and remedial massage therapist in 2013 after studying at Leeds University where she then established a successful sports therapy clinic. She also holds qualifications in soft tissue manipulation and kinesiology taping. Lily shadows the Old Hall Clinic’s principal Osteopath Philip Owen.


Connie Wakeman

Osteopath in Training / Massage / Postural

Connie is a 4th Year Trainee Osteopath, graduating from the College of Osteopaths in 2019.

She has been shadowing Old Hall Clinic’s principal Philip Owen since her Osteopathic studies began in 2014. Having previously studied a BA (Hons) in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, and worked in London, she decided to retrain.

As a mother of two who has seen first-hand the benefits of Cranial Osteopathy to children, Connie was drawn to be an Osteopath herself. Her aim is to ensure each individual achieves their best health state, relieving pain and symptoms and also to prevent problems recurring. She believes the body has immense capability to heal itself, all it needs is some help along the way. Connie is qualified in Soft Tissue Manipulation and Reiki.


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