Dr. Stephen Whiteson

Hair Loss Consultant

Dr Stephen Whiteson qualified at Nottingham University Medical School, following which he had 6 years’ post-graduate clinical experience in Hospitals in the UK and abroad.

He set up his Hair Loss Consultancy in 2003. He has appeared on BBC Watchdog as an Expert Witness regarding hair loss treatments. He has also been featured in the Daily Express Health Section, when he was challenged to treat a patient with hair loss, with medication-based treatment, (no surgery), and the results were so dramatic that the Daily Express felt compelled to write about the treatment very favourably.

Testosterone is converted to DihydroTestosterone (DHT) by an enzyme called 5alpha reductase, and DHT causes Benign Prostate Enlargement and Male Pattern Hair Loss. 5alpha reductase exists in two forms: Type 1 and Type 2.  Propecia is a prescription-only medicine for Male Pattern Hair Loss, and it blocks 5alpha reductase Type 2: results are 32% of patients get visibly more hair, 90% are stable (from where they started) at 2years, and 65% are stable at 5years. Dr Whiteson works with Dr Hugh Rushton, who has published extensively in reputable medical journals about hair loss, and uses a Bespoke lotion, made by Dr Rushton, that is a Topical Anti-androgen, (which blocks male hormones in the scalp), which functions as a 5alpha reductase Type 1 blocker, resulting in 90% of patients getting van average of 40% more hair.

In January 2005, Propecia was banned in Professional Sportsmen by the World Anti-Doping Authority, (WADA), as a Masking Agent, but around that time Dr Whiteson had a Premier League footballer come to him for hair loss treatment, and Dr Whiteson felt it was an infringement of Human Rights that Professional Sportsmen should not be allowed Propecia, the most effective (generally available) treatment for hair loss, so together Dr Whiteson and Dr Rushton took on WADA and won, resulting in Propecia being reinstated in January 2009. (They showed WADA, (by using a blood test), a method to separate out sportsmen taking Propecia alone, from sportsmen taking Propecia + Anabolic Steroids).



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