The SleepCurve Baby Mattress

The SleepCurve range of baby products is the brainchild of Philip Owen, an internationally renowned paediatric and cranial osteopath, designed to help in the treatment of Flat Head Syndrome.

The SleepCurve mattress has been designed to allow the baby’s head to move freely when placed on his or her back, thereby removing the constant pressure from a flat mattress on your baby’s head, which may result in Flat Head Syndrome.

The SleepCurve mattress comes in a range of different sizes to suit the size of your baby and where he or she sleeps.

Clinically Proven to TREAT and PREVENT Flat Head Syndrome

In a clinical study by Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, 29 out of 30 babies with Flat Head Syndrome showed significant* improvement in head shape (cranial vault asymmetry) after using a SleepCurve mattress.

The report also concluded that the SleepCurve mattress produced similar results as a baby using an expensive corrective helmet for treating Flat Head Syndrome.

The authors also commented on how much more cost effective the mattress was (as well as being less obtrusive and more comfortable for baby).

*Average head asymmetry fell from 16mm to 5mm over the 6 months period.

SleepCurve Baby Mattress
  • 93% of customers that bought the product to correct Flat Head Syndrome said that it stopped the condition worsening.
  • 89% of customers that bought the mattress to prevent Flat Head Syndrome said it did.
  • 90% of customers would or have already recommended the SleepCurve Mattress to friends and family.

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